DELPHI DAILY TOUR (departure from Athens)

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Visit Delphi one of the most important archaelogical places of Greece and perhaps of all over the world, where the most famous oracle of the ancient Greek world operated. Tour Departure from the Syntagma Square area at 8:30 AM and return at 19:00 PM.

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The most famous Oracle of Ancient Greece

Delphi is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, comparable only to the Acropolis of Athens. The Pan-Hellenic Sanctuary of Delphi (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), on the slopes of Mount Parnassos located in an impressive landscape, was for centuries the cultural and religious centre and unity for the Hellenic world, having the most famous Oracle of Ancient Greece. The imposing natural surroundings along with the superb monuments constructed, blend in perfect harmony, giving rise to the organization of the cults.  This is a perfect example showing how man and nature can work together to create a scene which is unforgettable to the visitor, a scene he will take back home and will always remember. The divine presence felt in the sanctuary will leave you with a captivating feeling of how it was at its zenith.

According to mythology, Zeus sent two eagles from the ends of the universe to find the omphalos (the naval of the world), and this is the place where they met. The history of Delphi begins with the myths of the ancient Greeks, that in the beginning the site was sacred to Mother Earth, guarded by a serpent Python. Apollo later killed the serpent and in gratitude a sanctuary was built there to honour him.

The importance of Delphi for the ancient world cannot be forgotten or underestimated with many important political decisions made after consultation at the Oracle, while no new colony was founded without its consent. Due to its increasing influence, it grew from a small village to a place where Architecture and the Arts flourished, beginning back in the Mycenaean Period (1600-1100 BC).  Between the 6th and 4th centuries BC, the Delphic oracle being the most reliable was at its peak. The Pythia (priestess) delivered while the priests of Apollo interpreted. The oracle was consulted by many, ranging from ordinary people to rulers asking for its advice.

Delphi, over the centuries started to include other events, the most important being the Pythian Games held every 4 years and many different cultural events. The sanctuary expanded, and soon after many Temples, theaters and a stadium were constructed.

Archaeological Museum in Delphi
Sightseeing in Delphi


The most important monuments
Delphi Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo

The most important of the ruins that exists in the area is the Sanctuary of Apollo, with its impressive Doric style Temple of Apollo on the Southern part of the Parnassus Mountain. A winding road, the Sacred Way led to the impressive Temple of Apollo that stood elevated at a central position overlooking the shrine.

Ancient Theater of Delphi

Ancient Theater of Delphi

The Theater of Delphi is built on the side of the hill just further up from the Temple of Apollo. This position gave a magnificent view of the sanctuary including the valley below.

Delphi Stoa of the Athenians

The Stoa of the Athenians

One of the most important monuments offered by the Athenians to Delphi is the Stoa which is located next to the Polygonal Wall, at the centre of the Apollo sanctuary.

Delphi Tholos of Athena Pronaia

Tholos of Athena Pronaia

It is the most remarkable and unusual monument while being a masterpiece of Classical Architecture, in Delphi.

Ancient Gymnasium of Delphi

Ancient Gymnasium of Delphi​

In ancient times this was a large group of buildings which included the gymnasium, the palaestra and the baths constructed in the 4th century B.C but many changes were made in the following centuries.​

Archaeological Museum in Delphi

Archaeological Museum of Delphi

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi, one of the most famous in Greece, houses the extensive history found from excavations in the Delphi Sanctuary and the surrounding area.

Delphi Treasury of Athens

Treasury of the Athenians

Treasuries were actually buildings where each city-state used to place trophies and other offerings to the god Apollo, thus many treasuries existed around the temple, but the most impressive that still survives till today is the Athenian.

Ancient Stadium of Delphi

Ancient Stadium of Delphi

The stadium is directly connected to the history of the Pythian Games, where all the athletic events took place. Situated above the sanctuary of Apollo, at the highest part of the ancient city.

Delphi Sacred Way

The Sacred Way

The path leading from the entrance of the sanctuary to the altar of the Chians and finally to the Temple of Apollo, is called the Sacred Way.