Greece Tour Hub Website Terms, Conditions and Notices
Last updated: 15th of May 2019

These terms and conditions, as may be amended occasionally, apply to our services made available online through this website, by email and/or by telephone. By accessing, browsing and using our Website and/or by booking any Product by the above means, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions, including the Privacy Policy Terms. In case you do not accept all of these Terms and Conditions, please do not visit or use this Website.

The terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “Greece Tour Hub” refer to Greece Tour Hub, which is a Travel Agency run by and registered under the name of its sole proprietor, William McMahon, licensed by the Greek Ministry Of Tourism, registered at 3 Stadiou st, Athens, PC 105.62, Greece.

The term “Website” refers to the website www.greecetourhub.com, through which we provide our Products.

The term “Product” refers to the travel excursions, tours, activities and various services made available by us or by our Providers for online booking, purchase and payment through our Website or by the means mentioned above.

The term “Provider” refers to the professional providers of the travel excursions, tours, activities and any other product offered by us Website as a part of our commercial agreements with each of these Providers or to Greece Tour Hub as a provider of such products.

The terms “you” refer to the user, visitor and/or customer accessing, browsing and using the Website, making reservations and booking Products and/or posting comments on this Website.

The term “booking” refers to the order, purchase, payment and/or booking of a Product.

The online services Greece Tour Hub provides through the Website enable users to search, discover, gather information, compare and book travel excursions, tours and activities offered in Greece, organized by us or made available by our Providers, posting comments and opinions of travel excursions and travel experiences and engaging in interactive travel forums.

The content of these pages, the online booking service and any other service we provide through the Website are provided for your personal, non-commercial use only. Therefore, you are not allowed to, indicatively, re-sell, use, copy, monitor, display, download or reproduce any content, information, products or services available through our Website for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.

By completing a booking, you agree to receive:

  • An email from Greece Tour Hub with your booking order details, including the contact details of the local Tour Operator, with the following attachments: i) your Voucher from Greece Tour Hub, ii) your Invoice.
  • An email with the Electronic Transaction Confirmation for your Booking (in case that Alpha Bank payment gateway is selected).

For more information see the Privacy Policy Terms.

If you have confirmed a booking on any Products with more than one person named, you shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions on behalf of all persons named in the booking (including underage participants). Participating in any way in a product (tour, cruise etc) indicates assent to these Terms.

In order to complete a booking properly, you need to fill in and use a correct email address. Greece Tour Hub cannot and has no obligation to verify whether your email address, telephone number or card number are correct or not, therefore we are not responsible or liable for any such cases.

Any false or fraudulent booking is prohibited. Therefore you agree and accept to make only legitimate reservations. In case of booking for more than one participants, you agree and accept that you are legally authorized to act on their behalf.

We may change or otherwise modify the Terms and Conditions in the future. Accessing or using the Website after such change signifies your acceptance of the updated or modified terms. The date of updates to the Terms and Conditions will be displayed at the top of this page. All such updates will take effect upon posting.

Any changes or modifications regarding the Booking and Cancellation Terms do not apply to bookings that have been confirmed prior to the changes or modifications.


(i) Booking a Product

Booking a Product through the Website indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy Terms.

In order to book a product of your choice, you have to fill in the requested fields of the tour booking form. You have to fill in at least your full name, email address and telephone number, so that we can contact you (see Privacy Policy Terms).

For last minute bookings (up to 24 hours) please contact us via telephone, or email.

If you are booking a product for more than one person you will also have to fill in their full name(s). Please note that the person who confirms the booking is deemed to be the designated contact person for all other persons named in such booking.

You may be asked to fill in the age(s) of underage participants in case you wish to benefit from a product that provides special prices or no charge at all for infants or young children.

For booking a cruise or any other product that includes sea travel you have to enter the full name(s), the age(s) and gender of all passengers, as they are obligatory by Law for the Greek Port Authorities.

After you have filled in all the required fields press the “Book Now” button.

You will be then redirected to your Cart to verify your order and finally to the Checkout page, to make the payment via your credit, debit or prepaid card (through the secure environment of Alpha Bank e-Commerce Service –see the section Payments & Transaction Security below) or PayPal.

Once the payment has been completed the following notifications will be sent automatically to your email:

  • A confirmation message from Greece Tour Hub including:

1. Your booking order details, for your reference, including the contact details of the local Tour Operator, supplying the tour or activity (“Voucher”). It is necessary to print or save this email (see below).

2. Your Invoice attached.

  • In case of card payment, you will receive an Electronic Transaction Confirmation for your Booking Order from the payment gateway. For your own convenience, please save or print this email for future reference, especially in case of a cancellation/refund.

In case you do not receive any or both of the automated notification emails, please check your Junk/Spam email folder.

On the day of the tour/trip:

  • You must hold a printout of your “Voucher” or keep it handy in your e-mail to show it to the appropriate provider on the day of the tour, to redeem your tour, ticket, or package. Your reservation cannot be honored or redeemed without presenting a valid Greece Tour Hub Voucher.
  • In case you have booked a full or half day cruise, you have to hold your passport or a copy of it, as it may be asked by the Greek Port Authorities. On multiple day cruises it is necessary to hold your original passport and also, if required, appropriate entry visas

Before you proceed with any booking, please read carefully the following terms, especially the Cancellation and Refunding Policy Terms.

(ii) Modifying or Amending Your Booking

Unfortunately, it is not possible to amend or modify your booking once it has been completed. You can always cancel the previous booking and make a new reservation, as described above. Any new booking is always subject to availability. See also the Cancellation and Refunding Policy Terms.

(iii) Pricing & Inclusions/Exclusions

Prices listed on the Website are per person, unless otherwise specified.
All prices displayed on the Website include all local taxes and fees (subject to change of such taxes and fees), unless specifically stated.

In case that accommodation is provided, overnight stays are subject to residence fee, ranging from €0,50 – €4,00 (euros) per room, depending on the classification of the hotel. This fee has to be paid by the customer directly to the hotel providing the accommodation therefore it cannot be included in the offered price.

Various additional services such as pick up service, ticket value e.g. to museums, archaeological sites, shows, concerts etc and beverages or food may or may not be included in the offered price. Please read carefully the “details” section of each product before making a booking.

Price quotations are subject to change without notice, until a booking has been confirmed.

(iv) Payments & Transaction Security

The accepted means of payments are by debit, credit and/or prepaid card, e-wallet or by PayPal transfer, as described below. Payment made by any other means will not be accepted therefore it will not confirm your booking.
All payment transactions occur through the secure environment of Greek bank “Alpha Bank S.A.”, or via PayPal.

Greece Tour Hub accepts the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners as well as Masterpass e-wallet. There is no charge or service fee for processing card payments.

All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of “Alpha e-Commerce” of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Greece Tour Hub is not liable or responsible for not confirming a booking due to late or partial payments, false or wrong bank data (e.g. bank account or credit/debit card number) and use of expired or invalid credit/debit cards.

(v) Cancellation & Refunding Policy

All requests for cancellation of your booking must be directed to the Greece Tour Hub Customer Care Team (info@greecetourhub.com) who will process the request.

The standard policy for cancelling/refunding is as follows:

  • No fees are charged for cancellation made at least 24 hours prior to the tour (full refund).
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the start date of the tour will receive no refund.
  • In case of non show on the day of the tour you will receive no refund.

In your cancellation email you will have to report the Tour Code Number, which was sent to you in the confirmation email, and the number of the Electronic Transaction Confirmation from the payment gateway.

If possible, use the same email address you used for the booking, since we will be able to identify you immediately.

In some cases you may be sent an email asking for additional information about your cancellation e.g. email change or multiple bookings.

In case you are eligible to refund, you will be notified by Greece Tour Hub within two (2) working days that your refund request has been processed.

The value of the transaction may be subject to taxes, duties, foreign transaction, currency exchange or other fees.

Your bank or credit or debit card company may convert the payment into the local currency and charge fees, resulting in differences between the amount displayed on Greece Tour Hub.com and the final amount charged to your bank account or credit or debit card statement. Please contact your bank or card company if you have any questions concerning any applicable conversion or fees.

Cancellation policies may vary from the standard and you must check any specific cancellation policy contained in the “booking info” section at the time of your booking, which is the policy that will apply to and govern the terms of your cancellation and any refunds.

All cancellation requests are processed through Greece Tour Hub. Greece Tour Hub is not liable or responsible for any refund and/or any form of compensation in case a cancellation or refund is requested in any other way than the one described above.

(vi) General Provisions

Tours and activities may not be confirmed or may be cancelled due to force majeure, illness, unavailability of the personnel or premises involved or for safety reasons. Should the activity/tour be cancelled due to force majeure causes, bad weather or sudden illness, it will be postponed to another date agreed upon by the parties. In case the activity cannot take place due to reasons ascribed to Greece Tour Hub, a full refund will be processed within 60 calendar days.

Occasionally our providers may make changes or cancellations to tour dates, prices, inclusions, coverage, age requirements, and other Product features and/or requirements. As a result, Greece Tour Hub reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any service, tour, ticket or Product that you have booked at this Website, at any time, for any of the above reasons. In such cases, if you are dissatisfied with the alternatives offered, you are entitled to a full refund of the original purchase price. Notwithstanding the above, when we are informed in advance by our providers of a significant change to a booking and/or to a product, tour, or event, we make every reasonable effort to notify everyone concerned, in order to amend or re-issue the booking where feasible.


Using this Website, including the use of an account, you warrant that:

(i) You possess the legal authority to enter into these Terms and Conditions,

(ii) You are 16 years of age or older in order to book a Product, to register for an account and/or contribute to our Website,

(iii) All information you provide on this Website is true and accurate,

(iv) You will not use this Website for any unlawful, commercial, competitive or political reasons or purposes,

(v) If you create a Greece Tour Hub account, you will safeguard and supervise your account information and will and be completely responsible for any unauthorized use.

You can contribute to the Website in a number of different ways, such as, indicatively, writing reviews, making comments directly and/or uploading and posting photos or videos via external links. By using the interactive services provided by our website you warrant and agree that the material you are posting, uploading or otherwise publish does not contain any illegal, offensive or inappropriate material and does not disclose any private information of any third party. In addition, by uploading photos, images and videos you certify, warrant and agree (i) that you have the right to use them, (ii) that you own the copyright to them and you accept full legal and moral responsibility of any and all legal claims that are made by any third parties and (iii) that such files are free from any viruses. Greece Tour Hub disclaims all responsibility and liability for any material not compliable with the aforementioned, and reserves the right to consider such content as violation of the Terms and Conditions and remove and/or delete this content and/or terminate the account and/or deny access to the website at any time and without prior notice.

By uploading photos, images and videos that you are granting Greece Tour Hub the right and license to use, reproduce, distribute and make available the above material at its sole discretion.


This section limits Greece Tour Hub’s liability to you for issues that may arise in connection with your use of this website. If you do not understand the following terms or any of the other Terms and Conditions, please seek for legal advice before accessing or using this website.

The information, content, products and services provided on this website may include inaccuracies or errors, including reservation availability and pricing errors. Greece Tour Hub disclaims all liability for any obvious errors, misspellings or other inaccuracies relating to the information and description of the products and reserves the right to correct any availability and pricing errors on our website and/or on pending booking made under an incorrect price.

Subject to the limitations set out in these Terms and Conditions and to the extent permitted by law, Greece Tour Hub shall only be liable for losses and direct damages actually incurred that arise out of an attributable shortcoming of our obligations in respect to our services, up to an aggregate amount of the aggregate cost of your booking as set out in the booking confirmation email. In event of force majeur causes or changes and/or cancellations attributed to our providers see “general provisions” in the “Booking and Cancellation Terms” section.

Our 3rd party providers providing products or other services on this website are independent contractors and not agents or employees of the Greece Tour Hub. Greece Tour Hub is not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches, negligence or misconduct attributable to any of our providers or their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives, subcontractors or affiliated companies nor for any personal injuries, death, property damage, or other damages or expenses resulting therefrom or otherwise arising from your booking of a product or service or your use of a product or service.

Greece Tour Hub disclaims all warranties and conditions that this website, its servers or any email sent from the Greece Tour Hub, are free of viruses or other harmful components.

This Website may contain hyperlinks to third parties’ websites that Greece Tour Hub does not operate or control.

Greece Tour Hub is not liable or responsible for the contents, privacy, security or other practices of such websites and such hyperlinks are provided for your reference only and it’s purely optional.


To the extent permitted by law, these terms and conditions and the provision of our services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Greek Law and any dispute arising out of these general terms and conditions and our services shall exclusively be submitted to the competent courts in Athens, Greece.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or non-binding, you shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof and you will at least agree to accept a similar valid effect as the invalid or non-binding provision, given the contents and purpose of these terms and conditions.


Greece Tour Hub’s website provides the currency converter tool based on various publicly available sources and should be used as guidelines only, since rates are not verified as accurate and actual rates may vary. If you need information for any financial purpose, we advise you to consult a qualified professional to verify the accuracy of the currency rates.


Greece Tour Hub is a Travel Agency run by and registered under the name of its sole proprietor, William McMahon, having its offices at 3 Stadiou st., Athens, Greece (P.C. 105.62). We are licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism with license number 0206E60000653801 and registered at Hellenic Business Registry under registration number 145129001000. Our VAT registration number is EL115634788.

You can write to us at:
Greece Tour Hub
3 Stadiou st
P.C. 10562 – Athens

Or contact us at:
email: info@greecetourhub.com,
office phone: +30 210 3210031